Time Management

Roots Time Management is a family member of the Roots HCM Product Family, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together

Roots Time Management is a comprehensive, integrated Application that enables organizations to increase productivity and reduce errors by automating and simplifying Time Policy in your organization. Since Roots Time Management is highly configurable, organizations can easily manage rules, validations, and templates to support specific business processes and needs. Additionally, Roots Time Management information is centralized and available on demand, giving organizations faster access to data needed to make business decisions and control costs

Key Features

  • Centralized Repository for Time Related Data can be use by Multiple Applications
  • Single Source of Time Entry
  • Define unlimited Number of shifts
  • Shifts can be defined with extra details and can be define within a period
  • Integrated with Any Type of Time Machines “Third Party”
  • Flexible Options to setup overtime
  • Flexible Time Reporting
  • Managers, Line Managers, Administration online view
  • Fully Integrated with (Oracle Fusion / Oracle EBS / SAP … and any other HR Application)
  • Approvals via Workflow
  • Archiving and Restore past time entries
  • Automatic Overtime Solution based on Country Labor Law
  • Interface Can be customized based on Customer Need
  • Automatic Integration with Absence Management.
  • Weekly Time Plan for Security Shifts
  • Define your Own Overtime Rules
  • Define Shifts and Rotation Plans
  • Define Time Machine Functions
  • Fully Integrated with All Type of Leaves

Alerts & Reports

  • Morning Lateness Email to the Managers
  • Employee Daily Attendance
  • Employees Not Punched
  • Attendance Report
  • Lateness Report
  • Eligible Overtime Reports
  • Shifts Reports
  • Time Plan Reports for Shifts
  • Exceptional Cases Reports


  • Shifts Validations
  • Comparison between Leave taken and Time Machine Records
  • Rotation Plan Validations
  • Company Internal Leaves Policy Validation
  • Employees missing punches validations

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