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Roots Talent Management is a family member of the Roots HCM Product Family, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

Roots Talent Management helps organizations monitor, nurture and retain important skills. This comprehensive Talent Management module allows for the monitoring, planning and automation of learning management, succession planning, performance management and appraisals and recognition and rewards; all in a simple easy to use module available for all levels of management in the enterprise. With Roots Talent Management you can proactively respond to the ever changing needs of your industry and ensure the readiness of your internal skills to tackle the latest trends and changes.

Key Features
  • Talent Plan
  • Appraisal Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Goal Management
  • Objective Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Profile
  • Dynamic Approval
  • Questionnaire Builder
  • Competences Management
  • Dynamic Appraisal Template
  • 360 Appraisal Template
  • Standard Performance Template
  • Multiple Periods Appraisal
  • Talent Review
  • Probation Period Template
  • Simple Tracking
  • KPI’s Integration
Flexible Management
  • Dynamic Approval
  • Alerting
  • Smart Reporting
  • Employees Timeline
  • Historical Data Structure
  • Dynamic Platform
Core Strength
  • Control Workforce
  • Flexibility to Adjust to New Business Processes and Structures
  • Achieve Efficiency Gains While Increasing Workforce Productivity
  • Cut operational costs increasing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Provide anytime feedback to employees
  • Improve Workforce Capability and Develop Leadership
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