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Roots Dashboards & Analytics is a family member of the Roots HCM Product Family, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

Roots Dashboards & Analytics is your central reporting repository for all your standard, regulatory and management reporting. With our world class dashboard and drill down capabilities root cause analysis has never been easier. Build your operational dashboards and KPIs both in isolation and collaboration with the enterprise and then decide and control your data sets and schemas based on individuals and positions. Roots Dashboards & Analytics also provides pre packaged vertical reporting packs based on best industry standard and also offers a wide variety of pre configured reports for use across your enterprise.

Key Features
  • Multi Company
  • KPI’s Definitions
  • KPI’s Weights
  • KPI’s Calculations
  • Organizational KPI’s
  • KPI’s Dashboards
  • KPI’s Plan
  • Order/Project Definitions
  • Task Management
  • Orders Dashboards
  • Orders Completion
  • Time Machine Integration
  • Integration with 3rd Party Applications
  • Qualified Workers
  • Robust Workflow, Approvals and Delegation engine.
  • Role-based dashboards with embedded analytics
  • KPI’s Tracking
  • Real-time side by side worker and job comparisons.
  • Quick Actions and Smart Navigation
Flexible Management
  • Dynamic Approval
  • Alerting
  • Smart Reporting
  • Employees Timeline
  • Historical Data Structure
  • Dynamic Platform
Core Strength
  • Control Workforce Costs and Overheads
  • Flexibility to Adjust to New Business Processes and Structures
  • Achieve Efficiency Gains While Increasing Workforce Productivity
  • Improve Workforce Capability and Develop Leadership
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