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Roots Payroll & Benefits is a family member of the Roots HCM Product Family, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

Roots Payroll & Benefits is our world class global payroll platform solution that helps our customers achieve accurate payroll and benefits accounting and payment execution. Whether you are paying your full time employees, part timers, or contractors and 3rd parties.

Roots Payroll & Benefits garantees accuracy and compliance with local and regional requirements while allowing your organization to operate globally. Designed as part of a single system alongside Roots HR.

Roots Payroll & Benefits helps you maximize your overall Human Capital investment and ensures pay and benefits are accurately performed and tracked. Administering payroll has never been easier with RootsHCM with our user friendly easy to use and manage rules engine.

Key Features
  • Multi Company
  • Payroll Processing
  • Audit & Reporting
  • Earnings and Deductions (Unlimited)
  • Informative Elements (Unlimited)
  • Multiple Company
  • Multi-Currency
  • Retroactive pay process
  • Labour rules engine
  • Scalable processing
  • Eligible termination payment calculations
  • Reciprocity rules
  • Payment summaries
  • Complete Payment History
  • Controlled Payroll Costs
  • Trusted Accuracy and Security
  • Extensible, Efficient Administration
  • Country extensions
  • Accumulations and Balances
  • YTD Balances
  • Payroll Costing
Roots Payroll & Benefits – Flexible Management
  • Dynamic Approval
  • Alerting
  • Smart Reporting
  • Employees Timeline
  • Historical Data Structure
  • Dynamic Platform
Roots Payroll & Benefits Strength
  • Control Workforce Costs and Overheads
  • Dashboard for Strategically Managing Payroll Processes
  • Integrated applications
  • Country extensions
  • Payroll Interface

Roots Payroll & Benefits gives you complete control over your processing rules and calculations, even the most complex ones.

Roots Payroll & Benefits operates using a highly scalable processing engine designed to make use of the powerful advanced features of the platform.

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