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Roots HR Core is a family member of the Roots HCM Product Family, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

Roots HR Core is a powerful tool for optimizing the human capital assets of your business, whether you operate in a commercial or public sector; Roots HR allows you to adopt structured approaches to attracting, retaining, developing and using the critical skills and knowledge needed to improve the capability and productivity of your business.

Key Features
  • Multi Company
  • Organizational Structure
  • Person Management
  • Leave Management
  • Job Structure
  • Position Structure
  • Grading Structure
  • Employment History
  • HR Advanced Information
  • Single repository of employee data
  • Reporting Diagrammed
  • Date Tracked Enablement
  • Multi Company Hierarchy
  • Multi Company Approvals
  • HR Advanced Dashboards
  • Organizational Costing Enablement
  • Transactional Security Layers
  • Leave Plans
  • Country Localizations
  • Qualified Workers
  • Automatic Grade Step Progression
  • Robust Workflow, Approvals and Delegation engine.
  • Role-based dashboards with embedded analytics
  • Interactive visual organization charts
  • Real-time side by side worker and job comparisons.
  • Localizations for over 150 countries and Territories
  • Quick Actions and Smart Navigation
Roots HR Core – Flexible Management
  • Dynamic Approval
  • Alerting
  • Smart Reporting
  • Employees Timeline
  • Historical Data Structure
  • Dynamic Platform

Roots HR Core allows you to automate all aspects of workforce management to achieve drastic productivity gains and cost savings throughout your workforce, while ensuring that confidential data is maintained electronically and securely.

Roots HR Core Strength
  • Control Workforce Costs and Overheads
  • Flexibility to Adjust to New Business Processes and Structures
  • Achieve Efficiency Gains While Increasing Workforce Productivity
  • Improve Workforce Capability and Develop Leadership
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