Roots KPI’s is a family member of the Roots HCM Product Family, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together

Roots KPI’s manages core management KPI’s processes that keep your employees engaged, and be more strategic and productive in their work. Roots KPI’s It allows you to review and analyze your employees tasks and Progress and gives the chance to calculate KPI’s Result, Roots KPI’s Platform enables you to retrieve data from more than one application and calculate them together to get better results, in addition Roots KPI’s Platform enables you define your organizational KPI’s and drill them down to employees level.

Key Features

  • KPI’s Definitions
  • KPI’s Weights
  • KPI’s Calculations
  • Organizational KPI’s
  • KPI’s Dashboards
  • KPI’s Plan
  • Order/Project Definitions
  • Task Management
  • Orders Dashboards
  • Orders Completion
  • Time Machine Integration
  • Integration with 3rd Party Applications

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