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roots Human Capital Management provides users with information they want, allows them to take action in context of meaningful business data and understand the predicted impact of those actions

roots Human Capital Management goes beyond traditional HR tasks with strategies that balance people, process and technology to improve workforce efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Built from the ground-up for the Cloud or On Premise, on the device of choice, and to provide simple self-service capabilities that give users relevant, secure content to information they need. Global processes, interactive organizational charts, collaborative tools, predictive analytics, and productive self-service are natively delivered out-of-the-box to enable a rapid deployment of critical HR functionality

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Financial Services / Banking and Insurance

Manufacturing / MRD “ Constructions” / Oil and GAS




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Information Technology

Professional Services

Non Government Organization NGO’s

Other Industries

Embrace Not Replace 

Roots HCM Platform

Customers don’t realize the impact of applying a HCM cloud or On-premise solutions to their organization. Traditionally, especially compared to finance departments, HR departments don’t have a standard way of operating. There is some change in the HR domain, where Organizations come up with a standard approach for HR.Roots HCM Platform fills the Gap between the Standard HCM Solutions and HR Department operations with Employees Engagement

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  • HR Core
  • Self Service
  • Payroll



  • HR Core
  • Self Service
  • Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Recruit


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